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Music – dance event Le Grande House was launched in 2008 and since that on it has drawn the attention of tens of thousands of fans experiencing unforgettable event.

Introducing the modern music of today and tomorrow brings people new dimension of fun in the form of performances of famous artists, DJs and dancers in the connection with special effects. That is why they are completely different to other dance parties across Slovakia.

Le Grande House has gained and is still keeping the leading position at the market, which also is the reason for having a support of international company Heineken for three years. You can experience it only in selected and popular areas.

Le Grande House

Apart from Slovakia, Le Grande House has been occupying the Czech market as well. In 2010 it took place exclusively in London, for the first time ever, in two editions.


Le Grande House

For more information and booking of party Le Grande House in your club, do not hesitate to contact us via email: booking@legrandehouse.com 


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